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Serving you since 1992 the best quality Vietnamese dishes using the best ingredients and natural meats and vegetables, locally grown when possible.



Gỏi  Cuốn (2 salad rolls) Rice paper rolls with shrimp,
pork, vermicelli noodles, mint leaves, bean sprouts, lettuce, chives and a side of peanut sauce.      $9.50


Gỏi Cuốn Chay v (2 vegetarian salad rolls) Rice paper
rolls with vegetables, shredded tofu tossed in
roasted rice flour and side of peanut sauce.    $9.50


Chả Giò  (4 crispy rolls) Crispy rolls with ground pork, shrimp vegetables and a side of nước mắm.      $13.00


Chả Giò Chay v (4 vegetarian crispy rolls) with a side
of ginger soy sauce.      $13.00


Cánh Gà Chiên (caramelized chicken wings)
Vietnamese style chicken wings caramelized
in a garlic pepper marinade.      $11.00


Thit  Lá  Lốt  
(2) Grilled betel leaf mince beef and pork    $8.50


Gỏi  Bò (beef salad) Pan seared lemongrass beef,
carrots, Chinese celery, and daikon. Topped with
crushed roasted peanuts, fried shallots. Served with sesame crackers.      $11.00


Gỏi  Đu Đủ  (green papaya salad) Hand cut green papaya, carrots, and mint.Topped with shrimp and served with shrimp crackers and peanuts.      $11.00

All Pho are served with a side of bean sprouts, jalapenos, a wedge of lime and asian basil. *Pho with round steak comes medium rare.
Please let us know if you prefer well done.

Phở Bò (Beef noodle soup)           

sm $15.45   lg $15.95    additional meat $4/portion

1.    Tái Chín (round steak and lean brisket)      

2.    Tái Nạm (round steak and flank)      

3.    Tái Nạm Gâu (round steak, flank and fatty brisket)

4.    Chín (lean brisket)      

5.    Tái Sách (round steak and tripe)

6.    Tái  (round steak)

7.    Bò Viên (beef meatball)

Phở Đặc Biệt (Special combination)         no subs $17.50
Eye of round, lean brisket, flank, fatty brisket, tripe and meatballs

10. Phở Gà (chicken noodle soup)       sm $14.95  lg $15.50
     Slices of chicken with green onions and rau ram  

11.  Phở Chay v (vegetarian pho)
      Slices of fried and fresh tofu, mushroom, and
      bok choy in vegetarian broth.      $15.50


20. Bún Đồ  Biển** (seafood lemongrass)
Vermicelli rice noodles in a mild spicy lemongrass
soup with shrimp, calamari, fish, and mussels.      $16.95

22. Bún Bò Huế ** (Hue style beef shank noodle soup)
Round shanghai rice noodles, beef shank, slices of chả lụa, and pork picnic in a spicy lemongrass beef broth.      $16.50

23. Mì Quảng **(turmeric noodles)
Mild spicy pork seafood broth with shrimp, minced pork, pork belly, fishcake, diced jicama, and tumeric rice noodles.Topped with onions, cilantro, peanuts and sesame rice cracker.    $16.95

24. Mì  Hoành Thánh  (wonton noodles soup)Shrimp, pork wontons, 5 spice pork, and mincedpork in a savory pork broth with egg noodles.Topped with fried shallots and chives.      $16.50


31. Thit Lá Lốt  (grilled betel leaf minced beef and pork) Minced beef and pork wrapped with betel leaves and  grilled. Served with rice paper and a platter of vegetables and a side of pineapple fish sauce.      $17.50

33. Nem Nướng  (Vietnamese pork sausage)
Grilled honey marinated Vietnamese pork sausage
and crispy shrimp sticks. Served with rice paper
and side of warm peanut sauce.     $18.50

*Meats are grilled over an open flame with sauteed green onions. Served with ginger spiced cabbage, carrots, daikon, jasmine rice, and side of nước mắm
(house fish sauce).

*40. Cơm Đặc Biệt  (special rice combo) Pork chop,
grilled honey lemongrass pork & shrimp, dried
shredded pork, and egg & pork patty.     (no sub) $18.25

*41. Cơm  Sườn Bì Chả  (pork chop rice) Pork chop,
dried shredded pork, and egg & pork patty.     $16.25

*42. Cơm  Tôm Thịt  (honey lemongrass pork & shrimp)     $15.75

*43. Cơm Gà  (honey lemongrass chicken)     $15.75

44. Cơm  Càri Gà  ** (Vietnamese chicken curry)
Chicken, yams and onions in a medium spicy
yellow curry sauce.       $16.95

45. Cơm  Càri Chay **  (vegetarian curry) Tofu,
yams, cauliflower, green beans, and mushrooms
in a medium spiced yellow curry sauce.       $16.95

46. Gà Xaò Gừng ** (ginger chicken)
Chicken sautéed in mild spicy chili garlic sauce,
with string beans, and topped with fresh ginger.       $16.50

48. Dâu Hủ Xaò v (Basil Tofu)
Tofu, green beans, mushrooms and cauliflower
sautéed in a garlic sauce with sweet basil.     $17.50


Meats are grilled over open flame and served in a bowl with vermicelli noodles, mixed greens, cucumber, cilantro, mint, shiso leaves, bean sprouts, peanuts and side of nước mắm (house fish sauce)

50. Bún  Gà  (honey lemongrass chicken)      $15.75


51. Bún Thịt Chả Giò (honey lemongrass pork & crispy rolls)
Skewers of grilled pork and crispy spring rolls filled with minced

pork and shrimp.      $16.50

52. Bún Tôm Thịt  (honey lemongrass pork & shrimp)

Skewers of pork and shrimp.     $15.75


53. Bún Bò Xả  (lemongrass beef) Round steak slices marinated with shredded lemongrass and rolled with spring onion.    $17.50


54. Bún Thit lá Lốt  Grilled minced beef and pork wrapped with betel leaves. Served with pineapple fish sauce.      $17.50


56. Bún Chả Giò Chay (vegetarian tofu crispy rolls)    Crispy vegetarian spring rolls filled with tofu and taro. Served with a ginger soy sauce.      $16.50


57. Bún Nem Nướng (Saigon meatballs)    Grilled Saigon pork meatballs, fried pork and shrimp wontons       $16.50

**Spicy - mild to medium

ĂN Ngon “Eat Well”

** Spicy - mild to medium
• Pho Beef and Pho Chicken default to large for
   to-go orders
• $.25 added to-go container charge for to-go menu item
   and side items
• Please inform our server if you have any food allergies
• Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Please make sure you have the correct restaurant
location before finalizing your order.
Phone orders of $50 or more may be asked for card payment to place your order.
Orders that are not picked up will remain final on processed card payment.
Thank you for understanding.

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